Forget Glassdoor, do this instead if you want to get the scoop on a company

 Hi Everyone,

You might know that trusting Glassdoor reviews these days doesn’t work: the employers cry and play victim to remove negative reviews even if they are legitimate and Glassdoor capitulates, and they will coerce their current workers to write good reviews to artificially inflate their overall rating. So What are we supposed to do? Try this instead.

Do the good old back door reference check on LinkedIn. Check for people who used to work for the company in question but recently left, contact them ask them for 15 minutes of their time, and why you’re contacting them. These folks have no incentive to lie, and they will gladly spill the tea about their last employer. From there you can make a better decision if you want to move forward or not.

Hope this helps.


Sure, you could try this, but it could also backfire.

Many people aren't going to be willing to dish any dirt on a former employer, and/or aren't going to be interested in talking to/helping a stranger.

Even worse, if they left on good terms, they might report back to people they know at the company that you reached out to do some digging. This will likely only hinder your chances.

So yeah, there's a chance you could get some useful information. You also might just get biased drivel from someone who hates the company. Or it would blow up in your face and kill your chances. Probably not a risk I would take.

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