Five Ways to Avoid Work From Home Boredom

 I’ve worked from home for 18 years, since way before the pandemic. I know many other people who’ve worked from home just as long or longer. But in the year-plus since the pandemic started, working from home has increased. According to a Pew Research study, one in five people worked from home before the pandemic. Now 71% of workers who can work from home, do.

Working from home provides many benefits, but it can get boring at times. That’s why it’s important to find ways to relieve work from home boredom. I’m going to provide some suggestions to avoid work from home boredom in this article. All of these won’t work for everyone, but you should be able to find at least one or two that work for you.

Have background noise.

Not all companies allow this, but if you work for yourself you may be able to do it. Background noise can help you stay focused — I’ve used classical music and nature sounds to stay focused when I write. As long as you complete your daily tasks, you can choose whatever kind of background noise will help you stay focused.

Work from any surface.

Everyone won’t be able to do this if they have to be on the phone a lot for their work. If you work remotely, you can choose where you want to work. You could work from your bed, a lounge chair, or a bean bag chair. Controlling where you work can have a positive influence on your overall productivity. It’s also better for your joints and muscles not to sit on the same uncomfortable surface all the time.

Work from any location.

This is also not ideal for everyone if you have to use a certain phone number for your work. Those people who can work from any location should take the option if possible. That doesn’t mean you have to work while on vacation unless you want to. It does mean you can go to the library to work or a coworking space. You could work outside during the summer months if you don’t find it distracting.

Exercise at your desk.

It can be difficult to get as much exercise as you want or need when you work from home. You should still be taking coffee and lunch breaks when you work from home. You can also exercise at your desk using an under desk exercise bike, or take short breaks to stretch or walk in place. Taking short exercise breaks is not only good for your health, it can also help you stay focused during your work sessions.

Personalize your home office.

Changing up your work location can help, but sometimes you need to be in your home office when you need focus. When you work in your home office, personalize it so you want to work there, but also isn’t distracting. You could put in a plant in your office, or pictures of your family and friends. If you need to keep track of deadlines, you’ll want to have a calendar or planner.

These are a few ways you can avoid boredom when working from home; there are many others. When trying to reduce boredom, consider what you can do based on the type of work you do, and what helps you stay focused. Focusing on those two things will help you stay productive. If you can’t work from a remote location, find ways to spruce up your home office, so you want to work there. Also, make sure you take breaks from your work and find ways to unwind at the end of the day.

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