Experienced hires: Don't be afraid to maintain your dignity and end a bad interview


I just had a call a few moments ago with a tech recruiter who thought I might be a good fit for her company's marketing team. It would be a managerial role overseeing an international team. These red flags gave me pause and encouraged me to end the call earlier than anticipated:

🚩 The recruiter didn't sound particularly bright or professional. She was a native English speaker who used lots of filler language and clearly sounded like she was stringing together jargon that shouldn't go together. At some points, I could tell she was reading off a script!

🚩 The recruiter had a bad wi-fi connection and we got disconnected three times before I suggested she use her phone rather than video chat software.

🚩 The recruiter asked me for my total compensation package requirements and was shocked. I mentioned that I've been actively interviewing around for other roles (both individual contributor and managerial) that paid at least $50K more a year. This company was significantly under market rate.

I told the recruiter it wouldn't be a good fit and ended the call after 20-ish minutes. Hopefully, the feedback I gave her about the lack of competitive compensation will help them readjust their expectations.

Don't ever feel like you need to waste your time. Have dignity and don't settle for anything less than you deserve. Come in armed with research (both factual and anecdotal) to ensure you don't get screwed. Interviews go two ways.

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