Anyone else feel extremely trapped because of your health insurance being linked to your job?

 It feels like securing health benefits is more important than the salary. I can’t work odd jobs, freelance, tinker PT at high turnover jobs, work on my craft, hobby, etc. in hopes it’ll one day lead to a job I like.

I am forced to work 40-hours a week or run the risk of financially punting away my future if an accident happened and I was left with insane hospital bills. I’ve already had hefty bills with good insurance.

Taking a hit on my current salary to explore more preferable options isn’t possible because the cost of standalone healthcare is around $400+ a month where I’m in the US. And that’s for the shitty basic plan.

Is there a way around dreading being tied to corporations to have a semblance of control over my health and wellness?


Having healthcare tied to your job is in complete opposition with our Constitutional mandate to life, liberty, and the "pursuit of happiness" !

There are so many good jobs that only contract, but would help my career path to get experience in key areas where I can’t gain experience at my current job due to politics. I cannot consider them bc I am solo and dependent on myself only, so I need benefits.

Because the US doesn't have universal Healthcare - your only options are disability/Medicaid (basically being disabled), Corp health insurance (through your job), or personal Healthcare (purchasing your own plan).

There are no other options...

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