The Unspoken Plight of Remote Work


The Verdict

Working from home is great and all but there are some aspects that can be severely lacking when compared to the office. It is not uncommon in today's work environment to be offered either hybrid or completely remote work options and for good reason.

Over the past two years, companies have been forced into a new form of work — Remote Work. The results are in. It is here to stay.

The majority of companies have not only seen productivity increase or remain on par but have also performed better than ever. The stock market has rocketed back to new all-time highs and in doing so determined the future of work will be at least a hybrid of remote and office workers. Workers have taken note and are, in some fields, demanding remote work as if it is now an expected benefit option.

The Problem

The pandemic has ushered in a revolution in the workplace. While employees first worked from home out of necessity, they have grown accustomed to the new lifestyle and do not want to return to the office in mass. That being said, many of these employees working from home will suffer in their health.

The reason remote employees are suffering is that they do not have the same facilities at home as they did in the office. Going forward, newly onboarded employees that are expected to work from home could have absolutely no equipment to do such work.

While employers spend millions of dollars outfitting office space with top-of-line chairs, desks, monitors, and comforts. The newly hired employee just beginning their work for home journey do not have this equipment. They do know which chair is the best ergonomic fit to support 8 hours of sitting. Or even have the money to invest in a new standing desk to try an alternative to sitting work.

Companies have poured both time and research into making these decisions. Employers know that sitting at a desk can lead to crippling back pain or carpal tunnel. They know sitting can increase the risk of death but many new hires don’t know this.

The Solution

In the age of remote work, companies need to give larger allowances to allow new remote workers to obtain top-notch office equipment themselves. My own Fortune 500 company provided me with $150 to which I am grateful. But my office cost easily over $500 and took me a few months to acquire. I went through 3 chairs before I found one that works for me.

Remote work is the future and employers are beginning to recognize that simple fact. However, employees need to start demanding some form of stipend to actually set up a home office that has equipment on par with that found in the office.

Unless companies are willing to do this, their employees will either suffer in pain or be forced to pay for this equipment themselves.

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