The HR manager at my current job I just started at told me she's leaving because the place is terrible, and her whole team is leaving too. What should I do?

 I got hired at this job 2 weeks ago. I got another job offer for more money (about 20% more), but I felt guilty about leaving 2 weeks after I started, so I figured I'd ask them to match the offer.

They are still considering it. Meantime, the HR manager who is really sweet (I had my initial intake interview with her) asks me to call her and then tells me it's between the two of us, but I should run for the hills because the company is not doing things the right away (she wouldn't elaborate).

She said she's leaving, and her whole team is leaving after her.

Assuming the benefits and everything are the same, should I switch jobs even though I've only been here for 2 weeks?

For context, this is a professional job in healthcare although I'm still in the training stage, so I have had no contact with patients yet.

Also, the HR manager called me while I was typing this and told me there's pretty much no chance of them matching the other job offer.

Also, the HR manager called me as I was originally typing this message telling me there's virtually no chance of matching my other job offer.

She seems genuine and like she's just trying to help me. My job has nothing to do with hers, so it's not like she'd be threatened by me or something, and she was the one who initially hired me, so it's not like she doesn't like me. I have considered the possibility of sour grapes, but I can't know for sure.

Update: I accepted the position. Thank you so much for all of the advice.


When you enter a workplace where everyone is jumping ship, there is usually a good reason for it. Sure you can invest time figuring out why, but it is best to not even bother. Any workplace where workers aren't happy being there isn't a place you should stay at. I can guess that it's most likely issues with management. Right now workplaces are facing issues where everyone is realizing that management is often not required and everyone is stuck with a condescending jerk that overly micromanagement its the workforce. They usually don't even know how to do their job, nor do they use or refuse to use new tech.

They also take advantage of their position of authority to bully others while they get overpaid to be a burden to the company. Now I'm only saying that from personal experience. But I've switched jobs like 3 times now for the same reason and finally I work in a company where the vast majority are younger generations. This was bound to happen, what companies did years ago will begin to fail when dealing with a more educated generation. It's really weird though because usually, it's older generations that are customers. They literally love being coddled and manipulated and won't buy from you if you don't do so.

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