Quit job I enjoyed, to make more money and now I want to go back?

 I quit a job that didn’t play very well in order to make almost 3x the money (~120,000/year). Well, it turns out I absolutely despise working for this company and the job itself. I am away most of the time and working around 90 hours a week so hourly the pay isn’t even that great, and I realized I value my time more. When working an old job I could focus some energy on building my business and I am no longer able to do that.

With that being said, is it really that bad of an idea to quit a couple weeks in? I have other options set up such as going back to the old job, so money is not too much of a concern here. I really really really do not see myself here for longer than a year regardless due to the terrible work conditions and stress. I am conflicted between my pride and what others will think and how quitting a job early can be the weak thing to do from a character standpoint, yet at the same time, I think it is a brave and honorable thing to put your happiness first. Any advice is appreciated.


Everything is situational, it is not always a bad idea to quit a job two weeks in and it is not always a good idea either. If a person is clearly not working out at a new job then the company will certainly “quit” them in two weeks or less and it is not a matter of character or loyalty on the company’s behalf. No need for us to impose arbitrary standards on ourselves that serve no higher purpose.

You have your own businesses. It’s probable that people approaching the question of whether or not to quit after two weeks do not have a business or business so may not be helpful to compare from a character perspective when most people are not also developing multiple businesses. Also, it is very possible that it could be a matter of just lacking grit but if you’re developing businesses on the side that’s probably not the case. It’s also possible that some companies are just managed horribly and have high turnover and maybe no one lasts long at all.

Also, it’s unlikely only one company out there is willing to pay you 120k or so for your skills. If you found one or they found you it’s very possible to find another or multiple. No need to settle for the 40k job unless it fits your entrepreneurial business goals.

Your entrepreneurial pursuits may be lifestyle businesses or businesses that are or can be worth 120,000 a year or 1MM/10MM/100MM/etc which will certainly outweigh any benefit of sticking through a poor fit for 120k then it is not 120k new job vs 40k old job but 120k new job vs 100MM business.

Each individual probably knows best whether they are reasonable or unreasonable for wanting to quit after two weeks. If you have your reasons and goals then no it is not bad to quit after two weeks. Absolutely have to consider the opportunity costs on your time commitments.

Good luck!

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