How to spot toxic work environment before being hired?


Hello All, pardon me if my English is not good enough, not my mother tongue. Recently I started searching for new job opportunities since I don't see any path for further development in my current firm. My main concern is the following - I do not want to end up AGAIN in a toxic work environment, something that unfortunately I'd experienced in my previous job. Life is TOO short to work even a month with ill-mannered people. Luckily my current job is SUPER OK when it comes to interpersonal relationships. So I need your advice on what are some red flags that a potential new job has a toxic work environment. Thank you all in advance!


This is really simple. Tell the recruiter or interviewer you are looking for a company with good culture.

If they say yes, but don’t elaborate, you should ask for examples of how they support good culture. If they stumble on the explanation, get flustered, or are very vague then that’s a red flag. If they genuinely do have a good culture, trust me they will be excited to tell you about it.

Things to note here, you should have a couple examples ready as to what good culture means to you, the caveat being if they can’t expand on your examples, again it’s a red flag.

Also, have examples of what poor culture means to you if they ask, but don’t use the opportunity to talk smack about your current role, it makes you look bitter.

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