Amazon Career Day applications top 1M


Amazon says it received over 1 million applications during its third annual Career Day on Wednesday. The virtual event attracted job seekers from more than 170 countries around the world. 

According to Amazon, more than 220,000 job seekers visited the Career Day event site and had the chance to receive advice from Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, top Wall Street executive Carla Harris and New York Times best-selling author David Epstein, among others. In addition, the event offered 30,000 individual career coaching sessions with more than 2,000 Amazon recruiters. 

"We know a lot of people are looking for work right now, and many more are hoping to change their careers," Amazon’s senior vice president of People Experience and Technology Beth Galetti said in a statement. "We are paying close attention to this and we feel uniquely positioned to help—not only because of the tens of thousands of jobs that we have open but also for the opportunity we offer people to build a meaningful career. We think Amazon is a great place to work for those who crave the freedom to invent, the chance to make a big impact, and an inclusive workplace to do so. We are glad so many people joined Career Day to learn more about the jobs we have to offer."

Amazon announced earlier this month that it was looking to fill over 40,000 available corporate and technology roles and 125,000 open hourly positions in its operations network. 

Ardine Williams, Amazon's vice president of workforce development, previously told FOX Business the corporate hiring push is focused on Amazon's "fast-growing businesses", including Amazon Web Services, Amazon advertising, Amazon Alexa, and Project Kuiper, an initiative to provide wide broadband internet access through the launch of satellites into low Earth orbit. 

Since announcing Career Day on Sept. 1, Amazon has received more than 500,000 job applications for corporate, tech, and hourly roles in the United States. Some of the most popular positions among job seekers for tech roles were software development, IT, support engineers, and operations management.

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As of the end of the second quarter in June, Amazon reported a total workforce of approximately 1.33 million full- and part-time employees, excluding contractors and temporary personnel. 

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