120% pay increase or a career?


Throwaway for obvious reasons.

I Am offered today 120% pay increase to work medium/long term as a contractor for another company while my current employer, a big consulting firm, is offering me a permanent executive position within 6 months with very minimal pay raise (am already at the top salary for my future role, somehow, according to their salary scale).

I think the exec position will eventually (years) lead to more opportunities and better pay while the contractor work will keep me stuck in my current role. On the other hand, working too long for the same company might also become problematic after a few years in the eyes of other employers..

I really like my current job/employer, but we're talking about an immediate 120K pay increase so... I dunno 😅 lol I work for money after all 🧐

Any tips to make a decision?

Thanks in advance


Maybe controversial… but maybe option number 3: look for a new exec level role in a new company.

I would start by warning you that a “gentleman’s agreement” means nothing if tides turn. Only bank on anything that’s in a legally binding document in writing.

Other than that it seems like you’re not:

  • looking to get into the contract market (i.e. fulfilling a service and cashing out)

  • adequately paid in your current position (and therefore being undervalued by your employer)

I think the only option is to reject the contract role… hope for the best that you get the promotion and begin to look for other exec-level roles.

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