I’ve been doing career coaching for a while now. I would frequently hear stories that sounded similar to these.

  • Fulfilling a dream: I have been imagining putting my own business to be rich — but I need a stable job for now to pay the bills.
  • Need for money: As a breadwinner, I have a family to send to school and feed, my current salary is not enough to finance our needs. When I apply for progressive jobs, I often get rejected by companies.
  • Work your terms: Freelancing is something I want to explore — but I am not good enough.
  • Career change: What is the impact if I switch careers? I feel that I no longer have the drive to pursue my existing profession.

The thing that they have in common is that roadblocks are preventing them from acting on their dreams. If they had only known that there are other ways to get to where they want to be, their lives could have turned out differently.

If you want to build your dream business, you don’t have to pull the plug, such as resigning from your job, to put your plans in place. Finding a high-paying job is not the only option if you need more money to supplement your finances. You do not need the approval of others or additional certifications to start freelancing or a consulting business. Most importantly, you do not have to give up everything to pursue a career that is close to your heart recently.

The proven upsides of a side hustle

Most of the time, I urge my coaching clients to start a side business. Although it is easier said than done, they never question why they are required to do so. Each of my mentees has a unique set of circumstances and motives.

What they do not realize is that having a side hustle answers all of their questions, including the unknown ones. I just needed to direct them to the right path.

A side business does more than merely bring money into your pocket. It has a lot of benefits. And I assure you that you can never go wrong with it.

Checking to see if the dream is for real

The promise of owning a lifestyle business has enticed my Facebook friends. They get hooked by advertisements they see on social media, only to discover after a year or two that they are back in the corporate arena.

I don’t have anything against them. These people have gone over their budget before leaving their weekday job. However, they failed to perform a practical forecast and note that results may differ from person to person.

Good for you if your profession is in high demand in the job market. In the event of failure, you may be able to reclaim your job. But if it’s the other way around, you’ll have to start from scratch and hope for the better after the dark.

To have a dream business on the side, trying freelance, or exploring a career change while employed allows you to validate your dreams while not taking on too much risk.

In my case, I was grateful for the advice I received when I decided to test the waters by launching my startup. There was a lot of effort put in and money thrown up in the air, but fortunately, I still have my 9 to 5 job to back me up and help me rise again.

A substitute for actual work experience

There are numerous online training available. You can look for free online videos or pay a self-proclaimed guru to teach you how to do things. However, the measure of your worth is when you gain experience.

So you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, applying for a job in the hopes of getting it because having a certification would qualify you for that role you’ve always wanted. After a few days of waiting for your application, you are disappointed to learn about your rejection of the position.

The missing element? — EXPERIENCE.

What should I do as several mentees approach me? They argue that they cannot gain experience if companies do not give them a break. That’s all there is to it. It is an issue that our society must address. So I usually advise them to create their own experience by starting a side hustle. If no one gives them a break, they must build one for themselves.

In my case, I got selected to be a member of our company’s learning facilitators. My boss nominated me after seeing me online facilitating workshops and speaking in public. In summary, people require social proof to vouch for you.

Whether you need to

  • Reinforce your credentials for a promotion
  • Stay up-to-date in the market to be sought-after in your industry
  • Secure additional money for the growing needs of your family
  • Fund your luxuries

Having a side hustle is the best way to deal with these problems and improve yourself. On top of that, I gained confidence and felt more fulfilled as a human being. So quit making excuses; I strongly advise you to take action. As Nike says, “Just Do it!”

That good feeling about yourself

Not all side hustles can replace our existing jobs. But despite the menial financial rewards, you still do it anyhow.

It is what I learned from friends who offer make-up services on the side while working full-time. They don’t mind if the income of their gig is $10 because they are happy and doing it out of love.

In my case, when I’m exhausted from my daily work, talking to my clients is a welcome distraction. It allows me to take a break from the daily grind and release happy hormones while conversing with people outside my corporate circle. My side hustle reclaims my life because I have complete control over it.