Internal documents, leaked to BBC News, reveal that OnlyFans allows moderators to give multiple warnings to accounts that post illegal content on its online platform before deciding to close them.

Described as a "compliance manual", the documents also show that staff is asked to be more lenient towards successful accounts on the British content-sharing service.

Moderation specialists and child protection experts say this shows OnlyFans - which is best known for hosting pornography - has some "tolerance" for accounts posting illegal content.

OnlyFans says it goes far beyond "all relevant global safety standards and regulations" and does not tolerate breaches of its terms of service.

On Thursday evening, Only Fans said it would ban sexually explicit content on the site from October. The announcement comes after BBC News approached the company for its response to the leaked documents, and concerns about its handling of accounts posting illegal content.

OnlyFans said it would still allow creators to post nude photos and videos if they were in line with its terms of service, which are to be updated.

The site has more than 120 million subscribers, who pay a monthly fee and tips to "creators" for videos, photos, and the ability to send personal messages to them. OnlyFans takes 20% of all payments.

In May, BBC News revealed the site was failing to prevent under-18s from selling and appearing in explicit videos, despite it being illegal for children to do so. At the time, OnlyFans said attempts to use the site fraudulently were "rare".

Now, the leaked documents show accounts are not automatically shut down if they break the site's terms of service.

Moderators have also told BBC News they have found prostitution services advertised, bestiality and material one moderator believed to be incest.

The BBC has seen examples of some of this banned content. In one video, a man is seen eating feces. In another, a man pays homeless people to have sex with him on camera.

OnlyFans says it has now removed the videos and the documents are not manuals or "official guidance". In a statement, it says: "We do not tolerate any violation of our terms of service, and we take immediate action to uphold the safety and security of our users."

Australia's biggest OnlyFans stars have reacted with skepticism and bemusement to the proposed anti-porn crackdown on the website.

The subscription-based platform has announced it will be banning 'sexually explicit content from October 1 due to pressure from financial backers.

Former V8 Supercars driver Renee Gracie, who has made $2million since becoming an OnlyFans creator early last year, said she suspected the website's founders were just looking for free publicity by going public with the 'porn ban'. 

'OnlyFans did something similar a while back. They made an announcement of clamping down on adult content, but it never happened,' Gracie said. 

'It could just be the company looking for attention.' 

Gracie said porn is a multibillion-dollar industry for OnlyFans, which takes a 20 percent commission from creators, meaning the company is unlikely to abandon it. 

OnlyFans is going to have a new look this fall ... the subscription site says it's about to enact a ban on pornography.