Everyone hustles. We believe so deeply in our side hustles, we never question them.

We should. Otherwise, we end up looping in a circle of hustle porn that is seemingly appealing and leads us nowhere.

There is no difference between a corporate rat race and hustle porn when we dread it. Same thing for content creation. When we love it, we call it a content treadmill. When we start to hate it, we call it a dreadmill.

Many of us are finding our way out of the corporate rat race. The way we do that is through our hustles. The purpose of our side-hustles is to find out what we believe in and what we can do into our sunset years.

Earning an income on the side is always welcome.

The difficult question remains.

How do we know that it is time to find side-hustles that make us happy grinding?

What We Are Escaping from Hits Back in Full Force or More

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

This is one perspective about our work and career longevity.

We have to love what we do and also love the people around us. We will start hating the work we do when we start hating the people we work with daily.

Trust me on this one.

If you love side hustles because your boss is clipping your wings with bureaucracy and workplace credit looting, then pay close attention to what I am typing next.

Many customers in your side hustles will become your boss. Many, not all. Some customers are professional. They leave you to do your job, deliver, and pay. There will be.

I suspect they are the minorities.

Many others will boss you around.

Allow me to quote some familiar examples:

  • Can you re-do this piece of work again? This is not what I want.
  • This is not what I want. You have to re-do it, or I am not paying!
  • I need you to get started and guarantee results.

Sounds familiar?

Yup, bosses and customers do say the same darn things.

If you have side-hustles, you have to love what you do because you are working on them after your day job. Or the weekend. Or the wee hours of the morning.

Getting ripped apart from Monday to Sunday is not the best deal Mother Earth can offer.

If you are starting to feel the dread of your side-hustles, your gut is telling you something.

This is what you can do:

  • Listen to your gut. You do not have to drop your side-hustles completely.
  • Alter your expectations accordingly.
  • If you have and it is not working out, then chances are it is not working out at all.
  • Explore new hustles and keep experimenting.

You Start Dying a Slow Death When You Can No Longer Bring Yourself to Improve

Many content creators can relate to this.

We hop onto the content treadmill inspired only to hop off the content dreadmill because we are tired.

“The reason dying is so easy is because death has no meaning… And the reason death has no meaning is because life has no meaning. All the same, have fun!”

― Janne Teller, Nothing

Having fun within our side-hustle journey is critical to staying our course.

An endless loop of doing this or that, creating this or that, conquering this platform, dominating that platform, and staying ahead of the innovation curve can tire us and kill our spirit.

All these are great points for content creation success.

My only question is our ability to hold on to that success and bringing it to the next level.

We can force ourselves to become Tik Tok influencers. We can. The blueprint to success is evident for us to see. We can follow what the pioneers have been doing, inject an element of personal creativity, and keep publishing.

We will get there.

Getting it is easy. Remaining at the top spot is not.

To stay at the apex of the influencer game, we have to learn new ways to create content, experiment, and be ever-ready to engage with people we never know.

If we start to hate doing this because we are tired of this influencer game, we will stop learning new things.

Our forward momentum will sputter into stagnation.

Everyone experience this. Those who love it spring back faster. Those who hate it in the first place (trying to prove that they can also do the same) never come back.

What you can do when you reach the fork-road:

  • Continue on, learn new things to wow your audience, and build a business from your content.
  • If not, then take a step back and evaluate if this is for you.
  • Giving up today beats giving up after 10 years of effort.
  • Enforce an exit trial period. I will reduce my time commitment on this side-hustle if I do not get a new client in 2 months is a sample exit statement.
  • Block time out to explore new hustles. I use 1 hour per day for exploration and experimentation.

Do not continue struggling with a side-hustle that is slowly killing you like opium smoking. You are better off killing this side-hustle and explore new ones.

Our time and energy are finite. Take time to find one that works.


We are not doing ourselves a favor by taking on side-hustles that chew on our spirit.

Every side-hustle we get involved in requires time, effort, energy, and ultimately, sacrifice. We sacrifice our rest, relaxation to work on our side-hustle. It has to be fruitful. Otherwise, we are better off watching Netflix.

Find out what is killing you and address them to hustle happy.

Sometimes, we are just too aggressive in our forward momentum. Drop a gear, and we will be good to go again.

Sometimes, we are working on the wrong hustle. Press the eject button and find new ones that speak to our alignment in life.

Hustle hard, hustle well, and most importantly, hustle happy late into the night.