More 6-figure job openings are remote than based in big cities


Remote employers have overtaken major U.S. cities in terms of high-paying job opportunities, new research shows.

The shift comes after the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced millions of people to work from home and thousands of companies to rethink the future of their workforces and remote or hybrid-work options to keep employees satisfied. 

"The most recent data shows when it comes to six-figure jobs, your city is now a state of mind," Marc Cenedella, CEO of job-search company Ladders, analyzes data from 50,000 North American employers weekly, said in a Wednesday statement.

While remote work currently offers the most six-figure job opportunities (80,360) in North America, the following 10 U.S. cities offer the next highest number of jobs paying more than $100,000:

  1. San Francisco (68,777 opportunities)
  2. New York (64,681opportunities)
  3. Boston (40,691 opportunities)
  4. Washington, D.C. (36,926 opportunities)
  5. Los Angeles (34,965 opportunities)
  6. Chicago (31,403 opportunities)
  7. Dallas (27,334 opportunities)
  8. Atlanta (24,971 opportunities)
  9. Seattle (22,665 opportunities)
  10. Philadelphia (20,901 opportunities)

"For years these cities have offered some of the most six-figure jobs," Cenedella said. "It will be interesting to see how the increase in remote work and relocations from urban centers to more suburban and rural communities disrupts that over the next few years."

COVID-19 has also shifted more people into small cities and suburban areas, allowing families to pay less for housing than they would in major cities while keeping their jobs so as long as they are able to work remotely.

Tech news website PC Magazine's 2021 list of best work-from-home cities released in February ranked Chattanooga, Tennessee, as the best U.S. city for remote workers this year based on affordability, broadband cost, livability, median home size, work-from-home communities, and setting. The city also ranked No. 1 on Zillow's 2019 list of "Best Metros for Remote Workers." 

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