Scaling team rituals to grow with design organizations


I’ve managed teams between 5 to over 50 people, grown teams from zero to 20 in less than a year, and manage project portfolios that were a single tightly related product with a small number of features to a monolith like Google Search with 7+ distinct product areas with tenuous if any interrelated products and overlaps. Whether you have a team of 5 or a team of 50, no matter if you’re all collocated, or distributed across 5+ time zones, one thing I’m sure of now, is that team rituals must constantly be growing and scaling to the team’s size, shape, and evolving needs.

Illustration of vertical chains of shaped, with a human figure connection two disconnected pieces of the chain
Illustrations by Oliver
Illustration of 3 human figures each exchanging shapes to convey the sharing of ideas.
Illustrations by Oliver


Other things to keep in mind

Illustration of 3 human figures reclining or sitting in geometic shapes, all looking upwards
Illustrations by Oliver


Illustration of a human figure placing a missing peice into a grid of patterned shapes
Illustrations by Oliver

Alignment & approvals reviews

Illustration of 3 human hands rendered in black making adjustments to vector simple shapes
Illustrations by Oliver

Program reviews

Illustration of human figure climbing down a rope coming from the top of the frame towards the bottom
Illustrations by Oliver

Drop-in office hours

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