You Won’t Be Able to Have A “Normal” Job after Freelancing


I saw an article by Tim Denning the other day that perfectly captured how I feel about freelancing. It’s titled, “Once You Make a Dollar on the Internet, There Is No Going Back to Normal”.

Although my income fluctuates each month, I would not trade this career for anything. I’ll never say never to working a traditional job, but here’s why I will always prefer working for myself. I think many freelancers feel the same way.

It’s very difficult to go back to the “real world” after having it all.

Reason #1: Building your own brand is exciting and rewarding

It feels different building up your own brand compared with working to improve a company’s image. You care more about the outcome when you work for yourself. You want to earn money for your hours worked, but you also want the outcome to be spot-on.

I think the perfect way to describe this feeling is by comparing working for yourself with homework. If you have homework for a class you don’t like, you do the bare minimum to get a decent grade and forget about it. If you enjoy the class and want to learn the skill, you do the homework in order to remember how to do it and make the grade.

Working for yourself makes you put in the extra effort. Years down the road, your work won’t belong to multiple different companies. It’ll belong to you and will be a key factor in your journey (ha, publication pun), instead of serving as a placeholder in some company’s ancient history.

Reason #2: Working for yourself online gives you the power to relocate on a whim

I am very lucky to have an incredible family. I’m particularly close with my parents, grandma, uncle, and a handful of family friends. They all live within an hour of each other in New York and Connecticut, whereas my boyfriend and I live in Kentucky due to his career.

Because I dictate my schedule and work 100% online, I am able to hop on a plane whenever I want, within reason. I’m not taking first-class flights booked one day in advance or anything of that nature, but I can plan trips and visit everyone when I want to.

I don’t need to ask for time off or worry about how many vacation days I have left for the year. Although this level of freedom is exciting, it is limited by those I want to travel with. Luckily I am able to accommodate my friends’ schedules by seeing them on weekends or waiting to visit when they have accumulated enough vacation time. I can almost always make myself available if necessary.

Reason #3: You don’t have to take as much crap from people

When you freelance, you still need to work with clients. The vast majority of them are lovely and many have become my friends. However, when clients ask me for extras that are not included in our original agreement, I’m very comfortable clarifying our terms. If they’re rude, I cancel the contract.

As a freelancer who believes in having multiple income streams, I have many different options to make an income. I am not dependent on one client who’s having a bad day. I will no longer have a bad day because of a boss.

I’ll have a bad day when I procrastinate writing and suddenly need to write half a dozen articles in one day. That’s when I deserve a bad day. You alone should be responsible for your happiness, and then allow others to influence it once you’ve laid the groundwork.

Final thoughts

After getting the opportunity to work for yourself, working for other people feels off. You suddenly are working for a paycheck again instead of working towards your dreams.

I know I will *always* want to work for myself. Every day I do research on new sites to offer my writing services, I work on my own eBooks, manage my social media, and write these blog posts. Eventually, my brand will be large enough for people to find me and I won’t have to seek them out.

Speaking of which, welcome to my new publication. Be a dear and hit that follow button, won’t you? :)

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