Hours worked by temporary workers in the US rose 26% in the week ended April 10 when compared to the same week a year ago, according to the latest SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator released today.

It also found:

  • Hours worked in professional staffing (IT, healthcare, finance, etc.) increased 30% compared to the same week a year ago.
  • Commercial staffing (industrial and office/clerical) hours worked were up 24%.

“The indicator suggests that staffing hours worked appears to have found a solid footing for both professional and commercial occupations in recent weeks, as the vaccine rollout continues nationwide and business restrictions are being lifted,” according to SIA analysis.

The SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator measures hours worked. It comprises two sets of analyses: a year-over-year comparison showing how the most recent week compared to the same week 12 months previously and an indexed value which has been benchmarked against data from the week ending Jan. 19, 2019.

For last week as a whole, the indexed value was 97.

Breaking down the indicator by type of staffing:

  • Professional staffing’s indexed value was 120 in the week ending April 10; the reading had been at 122 in both the previous week and the week before.
  • Commercial staffing’s indexed value was 88 last week following values of 89 and 92 in the preceding two weeks.

The indicator is based on an analysis of aggregated timesheet data regarding temporary workers supplied by staffing firms that work across a wide variety of occupations and industries in the US. Currently, the data reflects approximately 50,000 temporary workers from roughly 300 staffing firms that use Bullhorn’s technology solutions.

It is also weighted and benchmarked against US Bureau of Labor Statistics data to approximate the composition of the staffing industry by skill.

Readings for the most recent four weeks are subject to revision.

Anyone can download the full report on the SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator. See here for more information.

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