An Argument Against Returning To The Office


In the last couple of months, I have read article after article espousing the glorious return to offices around the world. They talk of all the ailments that people working from home supposedly suffer. These include decreased social interaction, feelings of loneliness, isolation, additional stress, and lack of work-life balance. So, while all of those are entirely valid for certain people, they are not a blanket in the way they are being portrayed. They apply especially to people who have kids, live alone, or are more dependent on office the office to supply their social interaction. In my experience, this seems to apply more to older generations who have grown accustomed to being in an office. So, while these can be true, I think that it’s not fair to ignore younger employees who might have an entirely different outlook. I am just over 30, and for me, a return to the office sounds about as much fun as being waterboarded, and I’ll tell you why.

Better Work-Life Balance

Less Stress and Way fewer Distractions

Who Needs Social Interaction Anyway?

It’s Cheaper and You Eat Better

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