A group of 1,594 workers at Alphabet, the parent company of Google, signed an open letter to the company posted Friday on Medium saying the company must do more to stop harassment and stop protecting those accused of harassment, including for temps.

The letter came in response to an opinion piece in The New York Times.

Friday’s letter said there is a pattern at the company where the harasser is protected instead of the person being harassed. It cited as examples an article on Andy Rubin by The New York Times and an article on Amit Singhal in the Guardian newspaper. Rubin received $90 million when leaving the company despite a misconduct claim, according to the Times. Singhal receive $35 million when he left amid a claim, according to the Guardian.

“Even after more than 20,000 Alphabet workers walked out [in November 2018] to protest sexual harassment and protection of harassers, Alphabet has not changed and did not meet any of the Google Walkout demands (temps, vendors, contractors, and workers from Alphabet companies other than Google are still forced into arbitration),” according to the post. “We’ve already raised these issues before. The Google Walkout demands are still waiting to be met!”

The post demanded the company prohibit harassers from managing or leading a team, including managing temporary workers, vendors, or contractors.

It also demanded a team change for the harasser so those who were harassed are not required to work with those who harassed them.

MarketWatch reported that Google said in a statement that it conducts thorough investigations and has made changes in its handling of employee concerns: “Reporting misconduct takes courage and we’ll continue our work to improve our processes and support for the people who do.”

The letter is a separate effort from the recently formed Alphabet Workers Union. The union in a Twitter post said the letter was a collaborative effort and did involve some of its members.