Do you experience career FOMO? There are so many different jobs you’d like to try out and you want to do them all at once? That’s me.

  1. Photographer (one day a week of photoshoots and editing in my spare time during the week)
  2. Spray tan business owner (evenings)
  3. Mum

The benefits

Backup job and diversified income

If we learned anything from 2020, we all know the value of having a backup job.

You can scale up your own business

While being employed by someone usually comes with benefits, you can’t really scale your income too high. There’s a limit.

Develop a variety of skills

Finally, having multiple jobs allows me to develop a wider variety of skills that I would get at one full-time job.

My recommendations

Burn out is a real thing and it can happen easily when you’ve got a lot on your plate. If you are thinking of having simultaneous careers or if you are thinking of having a side hustle alongside your full-time job, here are my recommendations to keep organized and avoid burn out:

  1. Create a schedule. I’ve created my own block schedule, inspired by Jordan Page on YouTube. I keep it printed and color-coded on the fridge and in my own personal planner so I always know where I need to be. When I am working at a job, my mind is completely focused on that one job. Then I switch off from that when that time is finished. It keeps my mind clear.
  2. Invest in a planner. You could have a digital planner, but I like having a physical planner where I can write everything down. I plan when I post on social media, mark student work, return emails, edit photos, and more. My planner lets me see the whole week at a glance and has space at the bottom of each day to write my to-do lists. The organization is key.