When bringing workers back to the office, nearly half of HR leaders plan to continue letting them work remotely for certain days and nearly half don’t plan to track vaccination status, according to a webinar poll taken by Gartner Inc.

It found that 49% of HR leaders plan to let employees work remotely on certain days, according to the 227 who responded to the question. In addition, 32% will let employees work remotely all the time.

Gartner’s poll also found that 48% of HR leaders responding to the question do not plan to track the vaccination status of their employees; only 8% said they will require employees to show proof of vaccination.

“Given the uncertainty that will exist around vaccination status, most organizations that reopen will do so with social distancing and mask-wearing in place,” said Brian Kropp, chief of research for the Gartner HR practice. “Regardless of reopening plans, only 1% of the HR leaders we surveyed expect all of their employees to work full-time in the office.”

The poll found 45% of HR leaders expect their workplace to reopen in the third quarter, according to 258 HR leaders that responded to the question. And 24% plan for their workplace to reopen in the fourth quarter.

Another finding: 20% of 197 responding believe that normal business travel will resume in six to nine months while 35% say they don’t know when they will resume employee business travel.