FedEx has been slowly morphing into a more tech-driven organization for years, but the pandemic caused the company to shift into a new gear. 

"One of the things that's hard for us to communicate … is the fantastic effect of this technology that we've been rolling out. We don't advertise it all the time," said CEO Fred Smith on a Thursday earnings call. 

Last year, the company launched FedEx DataWorks, an internal organization intended to focus on leveraging data analytics to up efficiency and build data-driven products for customers. The company's 2020 acquisition of ShopRunner, a consumer-facing e-commerce platform, will operate under this umbrella. The CEO of FedEx DataWorks, Sriram Krishnasamy, is responsible for launching FedEx Surround, a supply chain digitization product and the first result of a multi-year partnership with Microsoft. 

All of these efforts will require FedEx to keep a steady stream of tech talent coming through the door. The company is currently advertising to fill dozens of data analysis and software development jobs in its hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and across the country. 

Insider analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification's 2020 disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers to see how much FedEx paid employees for tech roles. US companies report how much base compensation workers are offered when filing paperwork for H-1B visas on behalf of current or prospective foreign workers. FedEx declined to comment on the data.

From data analyst to software engineer, here are the annual salary ranges for tech jobs at FedEx. 

Data and database roles 

Associate Data Analyst: $62,067 - $76,992

Associate Data Analyst:  $62,067 - $76,992

Data Analyst: $69,930 - $84,053

Data Analyst Advisor: $86,029 - $111,576

Data Architect: $91,541 - $133,500

Data Architect Principal: $92,685 - $140,172.00

Senior Data Analyst: $77,334 - $93,717

Senior Data Scientist: $84,032 - $29,7528

Database Advisor: $84,333 - $116,771

Senior Database Administrator: $93,954 - $121,886 

Developer roles

Full Stack Developer: $89,011 - $105,060

Full Stack Developer Advisor: $86,117 - $117,909

Full Stack Developer I: $54,649 - $77,514

Full Stack Developer II: $70,649 - $88,069

Full Stack Developer III: $70,339 - $104,589

IT roles

IT Associate: $55,952 - $76,992

IT Auditor: $74,402 - $106,000

Manager IT: $113,675 - $145,169

Cybersecurity roles 

Cyber Security Analyst: $74,402 - $88,725

Senior Cyber Security Analyst: $90,572 - $110,436

Software engineering roles 

Senior Software Quality Engineering Specialist: $77,251 - $111,576

Software Engineer: $68,680 - $93,619

Software Engineer Advisor: $98,185 - $136,815

Software Engineer II: $62,713 - $83,912

Software Engineer III: $81,533 - $107,411

Software Quality Engineer Advisor: $77,366 - $114,858

Software Quality Engineer II: $67,687 - $80,818

Software Quality Engineer III $61,672 - $105,060