(UPI) -- A health advice website is offering $2,000 for a "dream job" that involves actual dreams: getting paid to sleep for five nights in different locations, including a five-star resort.

Sleep Standards, a website dedicated to dispensing sleep health advice and reviews of sleep-aid products, said it is seeking a candidate to help the site "learn more about the influence of environmental factors on the quality of sleep."

The chosen person will spend five nights sleeping in different environments, including one night in a five-star luxury resort. All expenses will be paid by the website and the chosen candidate will receive $2,000 for their snoozing services.

"If we choose you, we will send you to a new sleep environment every night. In each of those environments, we will carefully adjust several environmental factors that we think might improve your sleep quality," the website said.

The posting said the candidate will be asked to rate each sleeping environment on a scale of 1 to 10 and write a detailed report of each sleeping experience.

Applications are being accepted on the website through March 30.