Tips for staying on track with your employment goals

 However, goal-setting is meaningless if you don't follow through. Here are five steps to help you set and complete your employment objectives.

Create actionable goals

Set the stage by reflecting on your experience and expectations. Take the time to understand what makes you happy and what is fulfilling for you. Career coaches suggest asking yourself a set of seven questions to guide your goal setting.

Once you have taken the time to understand your motivation and career preferences, set actionable goals. Write your goals in simple language that spells out specifically what you will do. Break long-range goals down into smaller tasks. Keep goals realistic and attainable.

Set deadlines

Each goal should have a reasonable timeframe. Having a deadline helps you to maintain focus and avoid procrastination. Deadlines also provide structure for your job search by establishing priorities.

Be accountable

Find another person that you can talk to about your goals. Report to them on how you are doing; get their feedback and suggestions. Look for someone who will offer encouragement and support.

Keep a log or calendar

Make your goals visible by recording them in a log or on a calendar. The worksheet can be as simple as a task list or can be expanded to include action steps, notes, and resources. The internet offers a variety of ready-made templates for tracking progress.

Celebrate completed goals

Take the time to reward yourself when you complete a goal. Reinforcement is the key to strengthening and maintaining successful behaviors. Rewards can be as simple as a favorite snack or taking the time to watch a movie as long as you choose a reward that is meaningful to you.

Your self-confidence will grow with each goal that you achieve … and self-confidence is the key to finding your ideal job.

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