Many TikTok users shared they could've gone without the knowledge on this Starbucks secret. One user named Zander (zandergjura on TikTok), a Starbucks employee shared a little known fact about the large coffee franchise's drive-thru in a viral TikTok video. "As you can see, she's wearing one. He's also wearing one. I'm wearing one. And the two people in the back are wearing one. That means we can all hear you while you order your drink in the drive-thru," he said in the video. "Good luck ordering at your next drive-thru," he added.

“My social anxiety will no longer let me go to the drive-thru,” a TikTok user wrote. “Never going again,” another commented. “Thank you for ruining Starbucks for me,” another added. “So that means everyone heard me say ‘venti fry’ instead of ‘venti chai?'” one joked.

This isn't the first time he's shared some Starbucks inside information. The young tiktoker recently made a video showing that the workers can see the cars as they come through the drive-thrus. "We can see you when you pull up. We can see your face. In your car and everything," he says in his TikTok video, which currently has over 1.5 million views so far. "So you guys can see me sticking half my body out the window to make sure you guys can hear me?" a mortified user commented. He's also made videos showing what the store's order screen looks like and in another, he held a tutorial on how to make the brand's famous pink drink.

Buzzfeed reports the viral TikTok trend sparked a conversation on Reddit, diving deeper into the unknown world of fast-food workers. One user asked: "Fast food employees, how sensitive are the drive-thru microphones? What unexpected stuff have you heard from customers who didn't think you could hear them?" Someone responded saying, "I don’t think most people realize that if your car is pulled up on the sensor that triggers the microphone, we can hear what you’re saying the entire time. I have heard conversations about abortion, people complaining about a long line, straight up badmouthing my coworkers, etc. I advise you to put your window back up after you order lol." They continued. "Also you don’t have to SCREAM into most microphones. Had my eardrums blown out a few times?"