LinkedIn is building a creator management team to help grow its community of content creators on the platform, according to an announcement from the company's editor in chief.

 The success of platforms like TikTok, OnlyFans, and Substack has led to a mad dash of investments from tech companies into the creator economy. Facebook and Snapchat have launched TikTok competitors, and Twitter bought a newsletter platform.

"Creators are the driving engine of LinkedIn," the company's editor-in-chief Dan Roth tweeted.

  • "Creators are the ones who often get that ball rolling, creating original posts, stories, videos, articles, etc.; amplifying new people to follow; sharing news and links and explaining why they're worth our time," Roth tweeted.
  • Roth says he's hiring ahead of the community to report to him. The job posting for the role says the head of community will build and run "a global team."
  • The job listing for the role, posted on LinkedIn, says: "We’re starting a community management team to support and grow our content creators, with the mission to source, nurture, uplevel, and retain these important voices."