$80,000: That’s the typical annual salary for an electric vehicle charging station technician according to The Mobilist, Steve LeVine’s new Medium blog covering batteries, electric cars, and driverless vehicles. 

This type of reimagined technician is a newly developed profession, and ChargerHelp, an EV charging station servicing company, says it takes just a week of training to pick up the basics of the job. With electric vehicle adoption picking up momentum, charging stations will continue to proliferate; inevitably, that means routine problems at those stations will require a tech to resolve.

This has already emerged as a bit of a problem, The Mobilist reports, because emergency maintenance is currently often handled by electricians — who are pricey, overbooked, and often miscast when the problem turns out to be a software (not electrical) issue. Thus ChargerHelp’s business, which has already trained 60 technicians to join this nascent category.

Ultimately, says The Mobilist, “tens of thousands of charging station technicians could be required, hard evidence that at least one industry of the future is going to produce well-paying, middle-class jobs that do not require an engineering degree.”

These days, we’ll take any good jobs news we can get.