Health and wellness have always been seen as an essential part of a well-oiled workforce, but now more than ever, companies need to make it a top priority.

According to Katrina Larkin, co-founder of flexible workspace Fora, the key to healthy work culture is ensuring employees have a good balance between work life and home life. 

“Wellness is a leading component of the workplace evolution which Fora is helping to forge,” said Larkin. “We know that thriving businesses are built by thriving people.”

This means curating design that nurtures wellness, accommodates the varying needs of employees, and gives them the power to choose how and when they work.

“It’s all about having the right mix of desirable spaces that can support what people do during the working day,” said Felicity Rocke, head of design at Fora. 

Fora pick buildings to occupy based on its amenities, alternative workspaces, natural lighting, and external spaces. These are all essential because buildings that, for instance, have harsh lighting can hinder an employee’s productivity levels.

In short, members of Fora do not have to sweat the small stuff. That allows employers to focus on more internal wellness programs that support the mental health of workers, such as providing resources and access to professionals for those who may be struggling.

The company honed in on its abilities by hosting a wellness festival in September that featured events covering topics from nutrition, sleep, racism, and more within the wellness industry.

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