Things to consider before making career change


Making a career shift can be a life-changing decision. Whether you have experienced a job loss or you’re not feeling fulfilled or challenged in your current job, ask yourself these questions before making any sudden changes.

Why do I want to change careers?

Asking yourself "Why?" is essential. Is it the job, the company or the industry itself that is causing this desire for change? Take time to dig in and find out what is causing your frustration or doubt.

Did I do my homework?

Research is key to making sure the new career will pay enough or align with your goals. Speak to someone currently working in that field.

They may be able to provide valuable insights. Ask them about growth potential, job insights, stability, or anything that could help determine if this might be a good fit for you.

Am I willing to invest in myself?

A career change might require new skills or specific training. You may need to take some classes or earn a credential. Can you afford the expense or the time involved?

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