Among the many methods to immigrate to Canada, the most popular is the federal skilled worker program. In fact, it is the most popular program as it is aimed at people who are qualified experience outside the country and the express entry system guidelines are followed for this selection.

How the express entry system works

Before you learn about the federal skilled worker program it is necessary to understand how the express entry system works. This is a point-based system and is one of the most popular systems in order to gain permanent residence in Canada. The chief aim of this system is to bring qualified immigrants to Canada in order to enhance the economy of the country.

Many factors are taken into consideration as the express entry system is a point-based system.
 Age for a maximum of 100 points
 School-level for a maximum of 140 points
 Language proficiency in English and/or French for a maximum of 150 points.
 Canadian work experience for a maximum of 70 points
 Foreign work experience for a maximum of 50 points

Each one of these factors adds points to the applicant’s immigration profile. There are many
immigration agencies that have free points calculators that allow you to calculate your eligibility for
any one of the express entry programs. Here you need to bear in mind that this is not the only
option to immigrate to Canada. For the right guidance and information regarding the program
most suitable for you, you should consult a good immigration agency. They will not only guide
you to choose the best Canadian immigration program and assist you throughout the process.
The government releases many draws and invited applicants who have a specific minimum
score in order to apply for immigration to Canada. The minimum score varies a lot
considering demand, the current pool of applicants, and the immigration program.

The federal skilled worker program

This program is the most popular among people who wish to immigrate to Canada. In order to
be eligible for this program you need to meet the following criteria:

You should have at least 67 points in total
You should have work experience with the NOCs – national occupation classification 0, A, or B.
you will get points for the number of years you have worked in a full time paid a week or an equal
amount of time. For instance, if you work full time then 30 hours per week for one year or 15
hours per week for 2 years.
You also need a minimum level of language proficiency – CLB 7 for English and NCLC 7 for

If you think that you need a boost to get a high score on your language proficiency test, then you
can approach a reputable immigration agency. The professionals will hone your language skills
which in turn will help you get high scores in the tests for immigration to Canada. The higher your education level and level of English and more work experience are a major plus on the express entry profile off the candidate.

Once you meet the criteria for the federal skilled worker program then you can enjoy the beauty of the country along with a high standard of living.