Finding a new design role in the time of COVID

 When I made the decision early this year to pursue a job change, I did not expect I would be doing so in the middle of a global pandemic that had sent all of us into lockdown and a state of seemingly endless uncertainty.

1. Fears COVID can spark in job seekers

2. Starting a job hunt during COVID times

Finding the right headspace.

Understanding your own needs.

3. Interviewing without on sites

4. Universal truths about Zoom

5. How job-seekers are adapting

Take a TL;DR approach to portfolio reviews.

Leave breadcrumbs of details to jump into if (and only if) it feels right.

Prepare for silence.

6. Surprising realities of virtual meetings

Remote whiteboarding interviews were not terrible!

7. Can we really get to know each other?

Opportunities for social interaction.

The new normal.

Extra effort.

Team interactions.

8. Reflection

Embrace the ambiguity.

It’s not you, video conferencing is exhausting.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

You’ve got this!

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