A Career Change Can Improve Your Quality Of Life


Emma Grace Brown

We all want to do something meaningful in our careers. If you find yourself stuck in a job that doesn’t light your fire, you’re missing out. Today’s Job Advisor post is all about how you can turn your passion into a profession.


Personal Fulfillment


Personal fulfillment is the act of doing things that make you feel good on the inside. It could be anything from drawing to volunteering to spending time with friends and family. The things that fulfill you help you grow and better yourself each time you engage in them. Fortunately, many of these activities can also be turned into a money-making endeavors, where you can support yourself, your family, and your community.


A few examples of careers that fit this mold are:


      Social worker






Each of the above jobs allows the right individual to tap into their strengths. A social worker, for example, may have a strong desire to utilize compassion. A marketing expert can help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, allowing their community to thrive.


How To Change Careers


When it’s time to change careers, you’ll need to first evaluate the viability of doing so. The steps involved are different for everyone, but typically, you’ll want to ensure that you are financially and academically prepared for the move.


If you have yet to earn a degree in your desired field, it’s best to begin researching your options. Some fields, such as dental hygienist, only require certification. Others, such as AI, computer theory, and data architecture, will require at-minimum a bachelor's degree. As a working adult, you may find that taking an online computer sciences program will give you the skills you need for a tech-centric career. Going to school online has other benefits, including affordability and flexibility.


Next, grab the calculator. As noted by Money Under 30, it’s typically advisable to have three to six months’ worth of living expenses put aside. This can help you bridge the gap between completing your degree and obtaining new employment and is especially prudent when you have a family to care for.


You should be prepared to answer tough questions when you finally begin the interview process. Many executives and business owners will be curious why you have so little experience in your desired profession. Be honest as you answer their questions, and let your passion shine through. Often, entrepreneurs look for people to be a part of their team who are more driven and determined than educated and experienced.


Is The Time Right?


Timing is everything when you want to move on in your professional life. Recognize signs that you’re burnt out in your current career. Certain indicators to consider are how your job impacts your self-esteem and if you’re perpetually bored. If your self-reflection leads you to the realization that you’re only working for the money, it’s time for a change.


Is changing careers right for you? If you are unfulfilled, bored, and want to do more with your life and skills, then absolutely yes. Transitioning into an industry that allows you to pursue your passions, help your community, and support your family is one of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life. You’ll be happier, healthier, and more helpful. While you can’t put a price on these attributes, you can put a salary on them, you just have to be prepared to take a leap of faith and do what feels right to you.



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