5 More macOS Apps For Your Work Life


Apple’s macOS has always been one of the go-to Operating systems for many professionals in various industries. The main or simple reason can be is It just works. Apple always brags about it for its less complex, fast, and smooth user interface.

Even though there are some obvious advantages in using macOS, there are equally obvious downsides in using it, especially for professional use cases. However, we can at least try to make them seem less obvious downsides by tinkering with the OS. Try out these few apps to make your work life a bit easier.

Text Sniper

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Image: Text Sniper

Text Sniper is a text copying app. But that’s not it, it is an app that can allow you to copy text from a picture. It is the best in its class and really easy to use. It is as easy as taking a screenshot on your Mac. You can copy nonselectable text from images, youtube videos, presentations, and many more.

All you need to do is press Cmd+Shift+2 to start or select a Capture Text from the menu bar, select the region you want to copy the text from. And the app will automatically copy the text in the region to your clipboard allowing you to paste the text wherever you want. It’s that simple. You can download the app right from the mac app store.


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Image: Bear

Bear is one of the best content writing apps available on macOS. It is beautiful and almost feels like a native app. The design of the app is also in line with the latest Big Sur update. Even though there are apps like Ulysses and AI writing, writing on Bear is feels incredible and has more features. Bear supports over 150 programming languages, you can encrypt your files using Face/Touch ID and can access your files on your every Apple device.

It also has a smart data recognition of elements like links, emails, addresses, colors, Hashtags to quickly find and organize notes however you like, a dedicated focus mode, themes, export options, and many more. The app is available in both free and premium versions, but most of the features are available in the free version.


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Image: Kanbanier

Kanban boards for macOS. Kanbanier is a free, distraction-free app that lets you create effective and easy to understand Kanban boards. It has a very clean and simple design. It runs on your device natively, you don’t need to log in or register everything happens on your device, the app is just ready to run.

Using kanbanier, It takes little effort to understand the current state of all the work in a project and to manipulate items on the board, to identify weaknesses, and to make optimizations. You can set work-in-progress limits to balance workload, allows you to sync across your devices. The app is free to use, there is also an in-app purchase, which gives you, even more, functionality and customizations.

Softmaker FreeOffice

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Image: Softmaker Office

There are a ton of Microsoft Office alternatives, but none of them hit the mark like this Office suite. Best of all, it’s open-source and permanently free with no strings attached. FreeOffice is a complete Office suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet application, and a presentation program all compatible with their counterparts in Microsoft Office.

Every other Microsoft office alternatives, all used to have a format loss whenever I tried to use it, but with this suite, there’s absolutely no loss in formatting and also gives you the choice to save files in a wide array of formats. It also has touch support and gives you customization options if you want to make it your own. To be honest, this suite is just Office 365, but free.


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Image: Manuscript

If I had known this app before, I would have never used any other Word processor apps. The manuscript is a free, open-source, simple, yet advanced authoring tool for complex documents. It is made specifically for the collaborative authoring tool to support scientific content. It has a wide range of templates to facilitate your journal submissions.

It allows you to collaborate in realtime with your teammates making it easier to work alongside each other in these difficult times. It even has a computational notebook integration. It has built-in reference management allowing you to add citations easily and format them in different styles right from the app. It is one of the best tools for academic and professional writing.

Other apps like Copied a better clipboard manager for macOS, Commander One, an open-source free dual-pane file manager, MacDown an Open-source Markdown editor. Yojimbo an effortless, reliable information organizer app and Taskade.

Few of the above-listed apps like the manuscript, Softmaker Office also work on Windows machines. I hope these apps bring some sort of efficiency to your workflow. Let me know your favorite apps that you use in your daily workflow. Thank you for reading.

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