all have a morning routine, and if we’re being honest most of us have not developed good ones. Usually, it’s quite frantic. You rush out of bed, only to rush out of the shower, and then spend as little time as possible to make yourself look presentable.

You’re out the door and picking up a coffee. Stop doing this.

I am not telling you to give up your coffee, but to start making it at home. Get involved and invest in a good grinder, find your favorite way to brew your favorite cup, and buy a bag of beans at your favorite shop during one of the few times in a month where you treat yourself at a good coffee shop.

Here are my reasons why it’s better for your wallet and your wellbeing:

It saves you (a lot) of money

Coffee adds up over time. Let me walk you through an example:

  • Your coffee from your favorite shop is $3 a cup.
  • If you buy one 5 days a week it adds up to $15 a week.
  • If there are four weeks in a month that’s $60.
  • After 52 weeks that’s $780.

Think of all of the more meaningful things that coffee could be spent on. If you are saving for that big vacation, a down payment, or a gift for that special someone you now have an extra $780 a year. Spend it on something a lot more meaningful or intentional rather than mindlessly spend the money wondering where it all went at the end of the month.

If you are thinking super long term think about investing your newly freed up money. Instead of losing money $3 at a time, try investing it bit by bit and let it compound. To see the possibilities try playing around with a compound interest calculator. Let’s say you got serious about money at 30, and you put away that $780 in an S&P 500 index fund or ETF and put another $780 every year until you reached 65. If the fund grew at 7% (lower than the 90 year average of 9.8%) and you reinvested all the growth you would have $116,152.50. Even more astounding is that you only invested $28,080, and the other $88,072.50, or 75.8% of this pile of cash came from earning interest on your interest!

It grounds you (pun intended)

In the morning there is something ritualistic about making a morning cup of coffee. I usually pop in my earphones and listen to a news podcast so I can get up to speed on the latest world and business events. While doing so I’m grinding my coffee, putting the filter in my Aeropress, warming the water, making the coffee, and then putting it into my favorite travel mug.

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Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

It is usually the one thing that I can control before the workday and can do with some form of intentionality. It grounds me.

I know that at times like this many of us are not even heading into the office, and for the weird ones like me, the morning commute is something that I long for. However, even if the first meeting I have in the morning is a Zoom meeting from my kitchen counter, I still have to make my morning coffee and listen to a podcast. It helps me to mark the day and tell myself, “The day has started.” On the days I can’t do this before my morning meeting something feels off.

It can be tempting to push getting up before your first meeting to the latest time possible, but once you get a good routine going it becomes something that you look forward to.

I hope you are able to develop your own morning routine with your favorite bag of beans, coffee brewing contraption, and podcast. Even when the world was not turned on its head I found routines like these were important for developing good habits and keeping me grounded.