Technology has become the present and the future of our lives. Thanks to it, we can move faster, connect with our colleagues, and continue to prosper. But, in a contradictory way, women still do not opt ​​for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers, while jobs in these sectors offer a bright future.

This is how Eva Díaz, CEO of Appogeo Digital and former COO Accenture, Deloitte, and KPMG, who is the ambassador in our country of the #FemaleForward campaign, of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, whose objective is to make the voice of women’s empowerment heard. And this is it, it is shown that businesses and societies thrive when women take on important roles. In this way, they want, with the appropriate legislation, to provide tools so that more women can take a step forward and strengthen their presence in one of the sectors with the most future, but less demanded by women: IT.

For his part, David Henneberger, director of the Madrid office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, believes that “as liberals, we are very attached to the idea of ​​equality. We must all have the same opportunities to move forward, both in the private and professional spheres, and as long as this does not promote and push the presence of women in all sectors, especially in STEM careers, it will be impossible to achieve ”.

A transgender CEO’s perspective on STEM women

Eva Díaz, who completed her gender transition process in 2015, and who has lived both sides of the coin in large companies, as a manager and as a manager, considers that there are still micro- chaps that make us uncomfortable: “each person must have the same opportunities both in society and in private companies”, he stressed. Díaz points out that while much progress has been made in large companies, there is still a long way to go to small companies. Technology has so far been a man’s world: women only occupy between 20% and 25% of STEM careers and although there is already a greater presence of women in the directors of large companies, There is still a lot to do. . “Technology, in particular, is what fosters creativity and model change across industries. And it is a sector in which less than 30% of workers are women and this% is decreasing more and more, ”described the businesswoman.

As the expert believes, technology is no longer about building something but about improving people’s lives and adding value to society. In this way, she ensures that “empowering women in the sector should be easier for a very simple reason: technology contributes decisively to society and well-being and women are strongly attracted to” contribute ” rather than “build.” But we need to explain what technology allows, contrary to the traditional view of engineering, and we need to increase the visibility of successful women and their achievements ”.

The expert sees the sector with a great projection, so she encourages women to study these careers. As he points out, it is one of those with the largest growth; technology permeates all sectors, banking is the best example. To have a presence in the tech industry is to be on the advanced side of society, he said.

And whatever the company, women are fundamental. Just like men. In this sense, Díaz emphasizes that “male leadership is strongly based on hierarchy, on leadership, on previous experience. On the other hand, women have a more collaborative leadership, more than creating networks, empathy, creativity, very focused on the digital environment ”. Thus, he clarifies that they are not exclusive, but that they are two models of leadership that may be necessary for a business depending on the situation in which you find yourself.

A bet of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom

Behind this action hides the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, created more than 50 years ago, whose objective is to propose proposals for political training based on the idea of ​​liberalism, both in his ‘native’ Germany ‘than in the rest of the world, to achieve equality.

#FemaleForward aims to show that organizations, businesses, and communities thrive when women take on an important role in them, so they must have the same opportunities as others, regardless of their gender. In this way, they strive for success to be achieved indiscriminately, competing among equals, seeking results.

In short, the aim of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation is essential because there is no other country in Europe that has this type of organization that fights for socio-political dialogue in other countries. These political foundations are based on the principles of the free democratic fundamental order and develop local and regional initiatives that promote democracy, the rule of law, democratic control of security forces, and the strengthening of international coalitions for human rights. man. Thus, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, with more than 1,500 events in 2019 in Germany, political education, and various publications, promotes social discourse and supports the population in their commitment to freedom and democracy.