Where Can I Find Remote Jobs?

Sometimes locating remote jobs can seem like an elusive and even impossible task. Maybe you’ve searched around and you can’t find a work-from-home gig at all, or what you’re finding isn’t in your career field. So where are people finding these types of jobs?
Rest assured, remote jobs are quite plentiful. A whole 4.3 million employees work from home at least part-time. With this demand, comes supply. At FlexJobs, we saw our remote job listings increase 51% from 2014 to 2017.
We’ve listed below a few different places to find these remote jobs. Landing a scam-free remote job will take some work and will require some tweaking of your usual job search routine. Read on to discover where you can find a real remote job.

Where can I find remote jobs?

Reputable/Niche Job Boards

If you want to find a legitimate remote job, it is in your best interest to focus on using job boards that cater this type of work. Many of the larger job search sites, such as Indeed and Monster, lack the search functions to easily find remote jobs. And they also don’t typically screen the jobs posted to their sites, so scams and junk can find their way in. You’ll have to weed through thousands of postings that are likely not remote or very unclear on their location at best.
Niche job boards that focus on remote and flexible jobs are going to save you time and give you better results.

Word of Mouth/Networking

It’s been reported that as much as 80% of jobs are filled before they’re ever listed. Word of mouth and networking can help you uncover remote jobs that aren’t available to the general public yet, or can even lead to a position being created just for you.
Position yourself as an expert in your area on social media, and it’s possible that the jobs will find you. Be sure to connect and reach out to people on LinkedIn with whom you already have a relationship with, even if it’s very casual. Let them know you’re looking for a remote job. You never know who may know of an upcoming opening or who may be willing to pitch your services to their employer. Truly, who you know can be the difference in getting your resume in front of a hiring manager and having your resume floating in a large pool of candidates.

At Your Own Workplace

If you’re currently working, sometimes the best place to start is within your own company. Perhaps there are other roles or teams in your company that allow remote work. Or maybe a conversation with your boss can lead to parts (or all!) of your job being done from home.
Start by looking at your company’s website or internal documents to see if it has a flexible work policy. This will provide you with what options are already available to you. If your company doesn’t offer any flexible work, consider proposing a plan to your boss to allow you to take your job into your home office. Treat this conversation professionally and focus on what benefits this arrangement will bring to the company and team. While the answer may be no, it’s worth it to broach the conversation. If the answer is yes, you’ll have saved yourself a job search and rounds of interviews at a new company.