Here are the top 10 professional vocations of 2018 in France according to Google

Google takes stock of 2018 and reveals the most sought after terms in France in several areas, including trades.
Thanks to its Google Trends tool, the search engine was able to establish a list of the most fashionable professional vocations.
To achieve this ranking, he looked at what are "the search terms that were the peak traffic this year compared to the previous year".
Here are the most trendy terms of 2018 in France associated with the query "how to become" according to Google Trends:

10. Specialized territorial agent of nursery schools (ATSEM)

9. Paramedic

"Grey's Anatomy". ABC

8. Gendarme

"The Gendarme on a ride". SNC / M6 Group

7. Influencer

The EnjoyPhoenix YouTubeuse. YouTube screenshot

6. Actor

Actor Michael B. Jordan at the premiere of "Creed II" in London on November 28, 2018. Reuters / Henry Nicholls

5. Maternal assistant

"Super Nanny". YouTube screenshot

4. Auto-entrepreneur

3. Mannequin

Kendall Jenner in the clip "Enchanted (Carine)" by Fergie. YouTube / Fergie

2. Real estate agent

St├ęphane Plaza, real estate agent. YouTube / St├ęphane Plaza Real Estate

1. Firefighter

"Chicago Fire". NBC/Parrish Lewis