15 Companies to Apply to By the End of the Year

Move aside, New Year’s Resolutions — why not start working for what you want now, especially in your job search? Harness your end-of-the-year energy and apply to employers known for treating their employees right. With sky-high ratings on Glassdoor, these 15 companies — all recognized on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2019 list — understand the importance of good company culture. Consider it the best gift you could give yourself this holiday season!

Bain & Company

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA & more.
What Roles: Product Designer, Innovation Expert, Manager Assistant, Digital & Social Media Editor, Diversity Specialist & more.
What Employees Say: “Bain is the most collaborative and supportive environment I have worked in. I am continuously challenged, but always feel that I have others to whom I can ask questions, get feedback, and help my professional development.” —Current Employee

In-N-Out Burger

Where Hiring: Phoenix, AZ; Lathrop, CA; San Antonio, TX; Irvine, CA; Dallas, TX & more.
What Roles: Service Technician, Delivery Driver, Talent Acquisition Supervisor, Sr. Learning and Development Specialist, Plumber & more.
What Employees Say: The pay is really good, they are flexible with your schedule, and you’re constantly being trained to move up in the company. You are in control of your training and getting to move up in the company as far as you want.” —Current Employee

Boston Consulting Group

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Los Angeles CA & more.
What Roles: Executive Assistant, Consulting Team Talent Manager, Meetings Enablement Coordinator, Program Manager, Expert Project Leader & more.
What Employees Say: “Great supportive work environment, excellent supportive colleagues and coworkers. Great place for personal development. Very interesting, fast paced projects. Good salary and great benefits (esp. Medical!)” —Current Employee


Where Hiring: Sunnyvale, CA; San Francisco, CA; Omaha, NE; New York, NY; Mountain View, CA & more.
What Roles: Brand Marketing Manager, Associate Pricing Operations Manager, Social Support Specialist, Senior Product Manager (SEO), Sales Recruiter & more.
What Employees Say: “Linkedin has been a great company to work for. The people and culture are very important and the tools sold to the enterprise, are second to none. One would be very lucky to work in any office at Linkedin.” —Current Employee


Where Hiring: Indianapolis, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Birmingham, AL; Buford, GA; Pleasanton, CA & more.
What Roles: Educator, Regional Manager, Freelance Photographer, Expeditor, Key Leader & more.
What Employees Say: “They care about you as a person and there is so much integrity at the company. You are always given clear expectations and feedback on how you are/not meeting those expectations. They respect your time and your contributions.” —Former Employee

Southwest Airlines

Where Hiring: Milwaukee, WI; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA; San Jose CA & more.
What Roles: Recruiter, Security Administrator, Project Manager, Powerplant Engineer, Operations Agent & more.
What Employees Say: “Great company culture. They treat employees very well. Great benefits all around especially health insurance, profit sharing and 401k. Best company I’ve worked for.” —Former Customer Service Agent

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Where Hiring: Memphis, TN
What Roles: Talent Sourcing Specialist, Director of Clinical Research Regulatory Affairs, Research Lab Specialist, Equipment Service Technician, Senior Benefits Analyst & more.
What Employees Say: “Patient-centered environment, Employees are appreciated for all of their hard work, CEO is truly a people-person, Work-life balance is excellent, wages are great, benefits are awesome, and there are growth opportunities within.” —Current Employee


Where Hiring: San Jose, CA; Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; Austin, TX; Seattle, WA & more.
What Roles: Strategy & Operations Consultant, Solution Owner, Data Visualization Consultant, Operations Analyst, Salesforce Developer & more.
What Employees Say: “Slalom’s welcoming culture has made my tenure at the company truly meaningful. I am able to pursue my own path and take on projects and clients that align directly to my interests. Slalom has provided me with an open path towards advancement in the company and has allowed me to have a very amenable work-life balance.” —Current Consultant

Power Home Remodeling

Where Hiring: Des Plaines, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Novi, MI; Ann Arbor, MI; Hoffman Estates, IL & more.
What Roles: Sales Representative, Part Time Junior Graphic Designer, Staff Photographer, Field Service Technician, Entry Level Sales Corporate Recruiter & more.
What Employees Say: “Unlimited amount of opportunity and resources for advancement. They have a relentless dedication to improving both customers experiences as well as their employees lives and experiences. Incredible company that truly walks the walk. Proud to be part of their team.” —Current Remodeling Consultant

Ultimate Software

Where Hiring: Fort Lauderdale, FL; Santa Ana, CA; New York, NY; Alpharetta, GA; Atlanta GA & more.
What Roles: Data Science Engineer, Product Upgrade Specialist, Garnishment Admin Specialist, Payroll Tax Analyst, Full Stack Java Engineer & more.
What Employees Say: “This is the best company I’ve ever worked for. The culture is the real deal. The benefits are out of this world. Scott Scherr is the best CEO I’ve ever worked for. I feel like I could walk into his office and tell him what I think and he’d really listen. That’s hard to believe with over 5,000 employees.” —Current Cloud Engineer

McKinsey & Company

Where Hiring: Miami, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Waltham, MA & more.
What Roles: Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, Supplier Relationship Manager, Implementation Consultant Intern, Lean Consultant, Communication Specialist & more.
What Employees Say: “Incredible culture, work with top leaders in global firm. Collaborative approach to work. Encouraged to help create your own path. Amazing resources. Best benefits you’ll ever have.” —Former Employee


Where Hiring: Schaumburg, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Lake Mary, FL; Boise, ID; Louisville, KY & more.
What Roles: QA Engineer, Enterprise Account Executive, Systems Administrator, COBRA Support Specialist, Software Engineer & more.
What Employees Say: “Even as a new remote employee you can feel the dedication the company has to their employees. The work is serious and everyone is dedicated to our team and organizational goals all while feeling appreciated by management and enjoying what we do.” —Current Employee

Sammons Financial Group

Where Hiring: West Des Moines, IL; Sioux Falls SD
What Roles: IT Cybersecurity Engineer, Customer Contact Specialist, Sales Desk Internship, Systems Analyst 3, Marketing Graphic Design Internship & more.
What Employees Say: “Great culture at all locations. Excellent work-life balance. Benefits are outstanding. Flexible Hours and half day Fridays are a plus. SFG has leadership seminars for all employees, which I find is a great way to help grow everyone’s skills and knowledge.” —Current Employee

Smile Brands

Where Hiring: Alameda, CA; Stafford, VA; San Antonio, TX; Irvine, CA; Puyallup, WA & more.
What Roles: Patient Care Coordinator, Dental Assistant, Field Recruiter, Dental Office Manager, Orthodontist & more.
What Employees Say: “This organization has given me tremendous opportunity for growth. I have been here many years and enjoyed them all. We celebrate along the way which makes each days accomplishments and hard work enjoyable!” —Current Director


Where Hiring: Palo Alto, CA; Dallas, TX; Tempe, AZ; Herndon, VA; Bellevue, WA & more.
What Roles: Intern Developer, Development Architect, Software Developer, Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer, Integrated Global Campaign Manager & more.
What Employees Say: “Great atmosphere and culture, really love the people I work with and the work hard/play hard mentality. Work life balance is also not like anything I have ever had before; it is wonderful to be able to support a career and family and not feel like I’m sacrificing one over the other.” —Current Employee