10 Great Jobs for People Without a College Degree

You might think you can only get a high-paying job with a college degree. However, there are many jobs that pay well and don’t require a bachelor’s degree, and sometimes offer on the job training.
Whether you’re changing careers or simply do not want to or cannot afford to get a college-level degree, don’t get discouraged. There are a variety of professions that require an associate’s degree, vocational training or a certificate. Here are just a few great options to consider if you do not have a college degree.
What they do: These are the people who perform diagnostic imaging examinations, such as x-rays.
Degree requirements: Associate’s degree
Median pay: $66,867
What they do:  In order for computer applications or software programs to operate correctly, computer programmers first have to write and test code before turning it into instructions for a computer to follow.
Degree requirements: Associates degree
Median pay: $75, 402
What they do:  When you go to the dentist, the dental hygienist is the person who cleans your teeth, runs examinations for oral diseases and other preventative care.
Degree requirements: Associate’s degree
Median pay: $77,464
What they do:  Postal service workers collect, sort and deliver mail.
Degree requirements:  High school diploma or equivalent
Median pay: $46,830
What they do: Real estate brokers are usually self-employed and help clients buy, sell or rent properties.
Degree requirements:  High school diploma or equivalent
Median pay: $72,500
What they do: Claims adjusters or investigators are the people who evaluate insurance claims and determine whether an insurance company owes a payment.
Degree requirements: None
Median pay: $55,996
What they do: Install, repair, and maintain electrical power for communications, lighting and systems in homes or businesses.
Degree requirements: High school diploma or equivalent
Median pay: $60,879
What they do: Fly and navigate commercial planes and helicopters.
Degree requirements: High school diploma or equivalent, plus pilot license
Median pay: $79.947
What they do: Detectives and criminal investigators are sometimes referred to as agents or special agents. They are the people who gather facts and collect evidence of crimes.
Degree requirements: High school diploma and completion of agency training program
Median pay: $60,281
What they do:  Construct, repair, build and install structures made from wood.
Degree requirements: High school diploma or equivalent
Median pay: $40,000
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