The 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens That Make Great Money

There are so many benefits to getting a job while on summer vacation. Before heading back to school, your kids will get resume-building job experience, develop a strong work ethic and professional problem-solving skills, and, best of all, make a little money (which means less dipping into Mom and Dad's wallet).
Some jobs are definitely better than others. Glassdoor, an online job-searching site, has identified some of the best summer jobs for teens to do between school years, ranked according to the site's salary data.
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Lifeguard
Estimated salary: $2,800/month
Strong swimmers can get paid well to watch out for others at the local pool or beach. Find out more about how to get certified at your local Red Cross.
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Caddy
Estimated salary: $2,500/month
If you learn your bogies from your birdies and your irons from your woods, you could get a job on the golf course, helping golfers playing a round. In addition to the fresh air and exercise, some caddies make great tips.
3Dog Walker
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Dog walker
Estimated salary: $2,500/month
Having an open summer schedule means you can take out the cooped-up pooches for people who are at work all day. Plus, you get to enjoy some exercise and sunshine, and, depending on the clients, you often get to set your own hours and schedule.
4Delivery Driver
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Delivery Driver
Estimated salary: $2,300/month
Granted, to get this job, you need to have passed your driver's test (and you'll probably have to have use of your own car, too). But, in the summer, who wants to cook? There are a lot of opportunities available for someone who wants to deliver food to hungry families.
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Lawnmower
Estimated salary: $2,200/month
Mowing lawns for friends and neighbors could mean a lot of green — for their yards and your bank account. You just have to make sure that you don't mind really working up a sweat while you mow, plant, garden, and weed.
6Prep Cook
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Prep Cook
Estimated salary: $2,000/month
If you know you way around a kitchen and can handle a hectic pace, you can get a job washing, cutting, and measuring ingredients in a restaurant. This is a perfect job for someone who dreams of becoming a chef one day.
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Tutor
Estimated salary: $2,000/month
Keep your brain sharp while helping someone ace their subjects for next year. Glassdoor notes that pay is even higher in subjects that involve a high degree of specialized knowledge, like computer science.
8Dishwasher, Server, or Hostess
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Waitress
Estimated salary: $1,900/month
Working in food service gives you valuable work experiences you'll be able to fall back on whenever you need to — restaurants are always hiring, everywhere across the country, so you'll have a leg-up if you're looking to keep working through college or if you move to a new city and want some start-up cash. Glassdoor estimates that dishwashers get paid a little more per hour than servers or hostesses, but servers can make it up with tips.
9Cashier or Barista
Best Summer Jobs for Teens
Estimated salary: $1,900/month
Working with customers — as you would making coffee as a barista or as a cashier in a retail store — not only gets you cash in the short-term, it tells future employers that you have some serious people skills.
10Camp Counselor
Best Summer Jobs for Teens - Camp Counselor
Estimated salary: $1,800/month
Get paid to play games, enjoy the sunshine, sing songs, and do crafts — all while keeping a trained eye on your campers, of course. If you find you have a knack for working with kids, you can keep earning money in the fall as a babysitter.