Making Your Office as Efficient as Your Employees

Business owners have a lot to think about with the building, staffing, and daily operations of the company. One consideration that can be overlooked is the comfort of the office workers - Both in the sense of ergonomics and physical comfort, as well as through a good layout and accessibility of the work areas and equipment. A good employee should be important to a company as a good customer and should have an attractive, efficient and comfortable place to do their work.

Arranging the Office

Try to arrange the office, especially pool areas, so that walkways are adequately wide and uncluttered. Set up storage rooms nearby so employees don’t have to go to a different floor to have access to paper or ink cartridges. Provide a water or beverage station if possible near the office pool, separate from a break room.


One of the most important items in the office is a desk chair. This is where your employees will be spending a good deal of their time. Choose chairs that are adjustable in height, and both swivel and tilt. A nagging backache, pressure on the tailbone, or a craned neck is not going to help with productivity.
Find the best place to buy office furniture and let them help you select some of their most recommended items. If you choose standing desks, make sure to get some thick memory foam and gel pads for employees to stand on.


Nothing boosts morale like natural lighting from windows and skylights, but if this is not possible, choose lighting that produces similar light waves and try to avoid fluorescent bulbs, as they can be more harmful to the eyes. Provide lamps at each station for those who need additional light.
Setting up a good office just takes some thought. Consider things as if you were going to be an employee there. What feels comfortable and convenient to you will likely create a pleasant working atmosphere for your employees as well.