10 Fantastic Telecommuting Jobs with No Location Requirement, Hiring!

Who says you need to be in a fixed location to find a great flexible job? More and more,companies are easing back on requiring their employees to live in a specific city or geographic region. That’s great news for job seekers looking for flexible jobs with no location requirement.
While it’s true that some remote jobs require a location—for reasons such as regular face-to-face meetings or proximity to clients or projects—that’s not always the case. There’s a great marketplace of work-from-anywhere jobs that provide tremendous latitude for people looking to work untethered from geographic requirements.
Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply someone seeking to cut your ties to a traditional location-bound job, a diligent search may yield a wealth of employers that don’t care where you’re located, as long as work is getting done.

Here are 10 remote jobs with no location requirement:

Appointment Setter

Average salary via PayScale: $31,561
This job involves working U.S. hours, but the successful candidate can live anywhere in the world. The sales-related work involves setting up appointments using outbound leads and business development responsibilities. Check out other remote administrative jobs.

Customer Support Specialist

Average salary via PayScale: $47,117
This work-from-anywhere job involves dealing with inquiries and requests from corporate and professional traders. The successful candidate will have experience and deep interest in finance, math, or statistics. Check out other remote customer service jobs.

Director of Marketing Communications

Average salary via PayScale: $64,257
Duties in this senior-level job encompass leading content development and strategy on platforms, including video and the employer’s blog. Candidates should have at least five years of experience in marketing communications and corporate or business journalism, and demonstrated leadership skills. Check out other remote communications jobs.

Instructional Designer

Average salary via PayScale: $61,280
Candidates with a master’s degree in instructional design, educational technology, or a related field are preferred for this freelance role crafting assessments to measurable learning objectives. Check out other remote instructional design jobs.

Front-End Developer

Average salary via PayScale: $69,331
To qualify for this work-from-anywhere job, you’ll need expertise in SASS, JavaScript, and Git. The job involves implementing wireframes, ensuring coding and budgets are adhered to, gathering requirements, and building front-end user interfaces. Check out other remote software development jobs.

Middle Datacenter Technician

Average salary via PayScale: $50,047
Maintaining a data center facility and its critical infrastructure are the primary duties of this full-time job for candidates with advanced knowledge of PC and server hardware and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Check out other remote database administration jobs.

Newsletter Writer

Average salary via PayScale: $43,484
This full-time job requires top-notch writing, editing, and fact-checking skills and the ability to spot a typo “from a mile away.” You’ll also need at least four years of journalism experience doing original reporting. Check out other remote writing jobs.

Online ESL Teacher

Average salary via PayScale: $45,150
This temporary online teaching job can be done from anywhere; job candidates must be residents of the U.S. or Canada, have a bachelor’s degree, and either formal or informal teaching experience. Check out other remote education and training jobs.

Product Manager

Average salary via PayScale: $91,648
Leading product in an agile environment, championing product vision and roadmap prioritization, and defining and analyzing metrics are a few of the key tasks in this job. Check out other remote project management jobs.

Travel Writer

Average salary via PayScale: $48,556
The employer is seeking strong, polished writers who’ve lived or traveled extensively in specific areas and who can reliably create high-quality content in their own voice.