Top Jobs for Marketers

From advertising to branding, retailing and sales to Internet marketing, businesses grow and thrive on thanks to powerful messages and compelling imagery. Marketers make these messages and images come to life to achieve core business goals and drive revenue.
If you’re considering a career in marketing or looking to pivot to a role in your organization’s marketing department, check out the following top jobs. Companies in every industry are hiring, now’s your big break!
Brand Ambassador
Average Base Pay: $40,659
Number of Open Jobs: 3,271
Description: Brand ambassadors serve as the face and voice of a company, build brand recognition, and successfully promote its products and services. You will communicate and engage with customers, both online and offline, in meaningful ways to increase a company’s brand awareness and add generate new sales opportunities.
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Social Media Strategist
Average Base Pay: $54,500
Number of Open Jobs: 2,534
Description: This role develops and implements a comprehensive social media strategy to increase a company’s web traffic and brand awareness. The strategist plans social media content and fan engagement campaigns across social media platforms.
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Content Marketing Manager
Average Base Pay: $93,125
Number of Open Jobs: 15,247
Description: The primary focus of the job is content development related to a company’s products, services, and value proposition in a variety of formats including white papers, eBooks, video scripts, brochures, blogs, website copy, and email campaigns. Working closely with the product managers, the Content Marketing Manager will help plan and provide support for inbound and outbound projects including product launches, trade shows, webinars, and other programs.
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Community Manager
Average Base Pay: $61,818
Number of Open Jobs: 79,222
Description: Community Managers are your online voice to the world. The role requires strong writing and communications skills, social media and public relations experience. The Community Manager manages and leads a company’s front-line communication efforts including strategy, content creation, PR, social communication, analytics, and more.
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Digital Advertising Specialist
Average Base Pay: $45,411
Number of Open Jobs: 5,523
Description: The Digital Advertising Specialist is responsible for setting up, optimizing, and reporting on digital advertising campaigns for a company’s clients. This position is primarily focused on paid search ads within the Google and Bing advertising platforms. Campaigns will include retargeting, display, and video ads on platforms like Google and Bing advertising platforms.
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Email Marketing Manager
Average Base Pay: $93,125
Number of Open Jobs: 10,285
Description: Working closely with the email marketing team and leadership, this position is responsible for building, deploying and analyzing email marketing campaigns. S/he analyzes campaign results and develop key insights, trends and make appropriate recommendations to senior management through accurate and effective data analysis.
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Field Marketing Manager
Average Base Pay: $82,575
Number of Open Jobs: 24,249
Description: The Field Marketing Manager is responsible for owning the entire process of leading field events from working with the sales team to plan the strategy and message, drive the email communications and manage the logistics and execution day of. You also work cross-functionally with the digital marketing team to promote through paid and social channels when possible. Working closely with the Inside Sales team to ensure leads are worked appropriately to drive ROI.
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Partnerships Manager
Average Base Pay: $60,435
Number of Open Jobs: 15,343
Description: Strategic partnership managers are responsible for building and maintaining strategic relationships among business partners while also developing strategies to increase revenue for their companies.
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Product Marketing Manager
Average Base Pay: $133,133
Number of Open Jobs: 42,987
Description: Product marketing managers undertake market research on new products, establish timescales for developing products, influence pricing and packaging, guide sales teams, develop messaging and market positioning around products and take part in presentations and events.
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Director of Communications
Average Base Pay: $93,171
Number of Open Jobs: 9,441
Description: Communications Directors control the flow of information between an organization and the public. Along with the management of a communications team, Communications Directors determine marketing strategies, direct public relations campaigns and are often the face of the company at media events.