10 best side hustles to pursue in 2019

Need some extra money? It may be time to get a side hustle.
According to a new study, four in 10 Americans are now searching for side gigs using popular websites such as Upwork, Guru, and PeoplePerHour to make some extra cash.
To help newcomers navigate through the gig economy world, Fundera used data from all the largest freelance websites to determine which side jobs are the best opportunities in terms of demand, pay, and client ratings.
Here are some of their key findings.
--Software development, design and writing are the top three freelance and side hustle gigs for 2019.
--In spite of relatively low pay levels, virtual assistants and administrative freelancers ranked in the number four spot due to client demand.
--The top freelance industries included a mix of technical skills, such as information technology, and “soft skills,” such as customer service and sales and marketing.
Here are the overall 10 best freelance gigs and side hustles of 2019
 1.  Web + Software Development
625,370 active freelancers
Over 20 percent earn more than $50 per hour
2. Design + Creative
602,733 active freelancers
Fourteen percent earn more than $60 per hour on Upwork
3. Writing +Translation
572,701 active freelancers
Six percent earn more than $50 per hour
4.   Administrative Support
420,904 active freelancers
Two percent earn more than $60 per hour
5.  IT + Networking
330,973 active freelancers
Highest-paid freelance group on Upwork
Twenty-eight percent earn more than $60 per hour
6. Customer Service
230,923 active freelancers
Second-place category on Upwork for success score and ratings
7. Sales + Marketing
183,624 active freelancers
Nearly 25 percent earn more than $60 per hour on Upwork
8.  Accounting + Finance
165,038 active freelancers
Highest-paid category - over 46 percent earn more than $50 per hour
9. Engineering + Architecture
83,323 active freelancers
Top two-thirds of earnings across freelancing sites
10. Data Science
44,503 active freelancers
Twenty-two percent earn more than $125,000 per year on Simply Hired