The worst jobs in America

You might think your job is terrible. But is it the worst? Many of the most-loathed gigs in America involve manual labor and have terrible growth opportunities. Others have low pay, a lot of stress, and are hard on the human body. Using data from PayScale and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Stacker surveyed 500 occupations to come up with 50 jobs that have the highest Job Misery Index.
Findings were based on four factors. The first is “high meaning,” which means if the score on this factor was low, then it lifted the overall misery index. Similarly, a low “high satisfaction” score raised the Job Misery Index. Stacker additionally looked at the median 2017 incomes from government statistics, assuming a lower median income boosts job misery. Finally, Stacker assessed government data on projected employment changes by 2026. A weak employment-change projection would boost the misery index. All four of these indexes were then weighed equally to calculate an overall misery index value for each job.
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