Top places where people work the shortest hours

Whether people whistle while they work or work from home, it’s safe to say that less work is better for just about everyone. In 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes speculated that the American workweek would drop all the way down to just 15 hours as the economy kept progressing. Obviously that didn’t turn out to be the case, but Americans are certainly working less than they did 100 years ago. The current American average is now working slightly more than 34 hours a week. In countries like Germany and Denmark, the average workweek is significantly lower at well under 30 hours.
To get on the less-work train, take a look at this list of places where people work the shortest hours. It was created using figures from the American Community Survey conducted during the 2017 Census. Nearly 500 areas were examined, both metro and micro, and the 50 areas with the shortest weekly work hours were ranked according to their average hours worked per week with additional data points included for context.
Read on to see which Kansas metro area works as little as France at 35 hours per week and which New York college town nearly found its way to the #1 spot on the list.