Pack Your Bags: These 8 Major Companies Offer Unlimited Vacation

Americans certainly aren’t strangers to hard work, so much so that many opt to forgo vacation in favor of getting their jobs done. But for some U.S. employees, skimping on vacation isn’t so much a matter of dedication to the job as it is a matter of not having the time. The average American worker gets just 10 paid days off per year, and often, that allotment will include sick time. That’s why it certainly helps to work for a company that’s far more generous on the vacation front -- namely, one offering unlimited days off.
Though it might seem like wishful thinking to snag a job with limitless vacation, roughly 1% of large companies are said to offer this perk. Of course, not having a cap on paid days off is a major benefit. Statistically, those with unlimited vacation tend to be happier at work and less stressed, and according to data from The Society for Human Resource Management, most HR professionals feel there's a strong link between limitless time off and improved productivity. And while unlimited time off is often associated with start-up culture, a number of big-name companies offer it as well, including those listed here. 

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