These are the companies that German graduates are most keen to work for

A survey of 55,000 students who are at the point of graduating from German universities gave insights on Monday into the companies that are most attractive to young talent.
The study by Trendence showed that 19 percent of all economics students wanted to bag a job at a car company after graduation.
But car makers were not the most popular industry, with 20 percent of students saying they wanted to go into consulting. That meant that consultancy overtook car manufacturing as the most popular branch in this year’s survey.
Nonetheless, luxury carmaker BMW held its position as the most attractive employer for economics graduates, with 11.9 percent saying they wanted to work for the Munich-based company.

Daimler pipped Audi to second place on the list for economics students. Consultancy firm PwC was seen as the most desirable employer in its sector, coming in 9th overall.
Adidas (4th), Porsche (5th), Google (6th), Lufthansa (7th), Bosch (8th) and Apple (10th) were the other companies in the top ten among economics students.
BMW can clearly boast that it attracts the best talent across the board. It was also the number one choice for engineering students, with 16.8 percent saying that they wanted the company to take them on.
On the engineering ranking, Daimler also came in second, followed by Audi, Porsche, Bosch and Airbus.
Siemens (7th), Volkswagen (8th), Google (9th) and Lufthansa (10th) completed the top ten on the engineering list.
Students who took the survey said that they particularly valued strong leadership in the companies that they want to work for. Some 95 percent of respondents said that leadership was an important factor in determining where they apply. Half of respondents said they wanted to have a boss who is both motivational and organized.
Roughly 55,000 students nearing graduation from 196 German higher education institutions were interviewed for the study.
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