These careers don’t draw in a lot of moms, report says

Choosing to have children can put a woman’s career on hold, or at least at a crossroads. Nearly 75% of those who left their careers said they did so to take care of children, according to the most recent look at the numbers by the Center for Talent Innovation. And only 40% of those who left their jobs voluntarily and stayed out of the workforce for less than three years were able to find full-time work.
Analyzing U.S. Census data, career advice platform Zippia found that there are a number of industries and roles that don’t have many mothers among their ranks. Military is at the top of the industry list for not attracting moms. This despite the emphasis military service places on spousal support and family. The number one job title that has the fewest mothers, though, is optometrist, where nearly half (47.37%) of workers don’t have kids after age 45.
The reasons are numerous but are largely due to the lack of paid parental leave policies and the exorbitant cost of childcare. But other factors are in play, too. A recent survey found that even women who are the primary breadwinners shoulder a greater share of the unpaid work at home.
Check out Zippia’s chart here.
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