The Real Truth About Employee Engagement and Employee Retention

I’ve been speaking a lot lately on the connection between employee engagement and employee retention, as that’s an area many companies are struggling with. That’s because they are focusing on the wrong things.
Employee engagement is not a program. It’s an outcome. Yet companies are spending billions of dollars on employee engagement programs with the hope that something will stick. Don’t make the same mistake. Here are some ways to get the outcome you are seeking.
Give people autonomy. Stop focusing on employee happiness and instead provide people with autonomy at work. Think about it. If you had to choose, would you rather work for a company that gives you some space to think and allows you to figure out the best way to get your work done or would you prefer to work for a company that provides free snacks? My guess is that you'll eventually tire of the free snacks that seem to be making employees fat and that most will choose to work someplace where they have autonomy.
Hire great managers. When it comes to hiring managers, be hyper selective. Why? Because people don't leave their companies. They leave their managers. Here's what I've observed. I recently worked with a department head, who was interested in significantly reducing her employee turnover. I noticed that one of her managers had very little turnover while another was churning people faster than the company could hire them. It was obvious to me, that plowing more resources into employee engagement was not the answer. She needed to quickly ascertain whether or not this manager could be helped of if he needed to be replaced.
With my assistance, she made the decision to remove him from his management position. The manager was relieved, when she gave him the news, and is now one of her most successful individual contributors. She then hired a replacement, who is an amazing leader. Under this leader, employee turnover is now on par with his counterpart.
Get some help. My mentor always says that if you haven't done something on your own in 30 days, then you are not going to get it done without help. I couldn't agree more. How long have you been talking about your desire to improve employee engagement and employee retention? My guess is that it's been way longer than 30 days! Yet, here you are. Right where you were when you first started thinking you could dramatically improve employee productivity by increasing engagement.
The good news is that help is only an email or a phone call away. You can reach out to me and we can determine how best to work together. You can ask people in your network for a referral or you can go online and search for people who can be of help to you. What you can't afford to do is nothing, or it won't be long before your boss is looking for someone to replace you.
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